Colorado Mountains
Order a Custom Knife

Order a custom handmade knife from Glen Brooks

Anatomy of a Knife

There are many steps involved in making a good custom knife. Following are some of the many steps involved in making my quality knives.

1. Mark the knife profile on bar stock

2. Rough band-saw the shape

3. Sand the profile

4. Use knife jig to drill holes, including thong hole where needed

5. Chamfer holes to remove sharp edges

6. Use sander to remove foundry surface (scale) off metal

7. Do rough hollow-grind

8. Do several more sandings to make hollow-grind smooth

9. Dip in Turco and heat treat

10. Resand all surfaces with 220 grit sanding belt

11. Succeeding finer sandings, getting down to 30 microns

12. Hand sand with 400 grit wet and dry sanding paper

13. Polish

14. Glue on handle material, pins, etc.

15. Shape handle on sander with 60 grit belt

16. Do increasingly finer sanding, going up to 30 micron belt

17. Hand sand

18. Polish

19. Sharpen knife

20. Place logo on knife

21. Knife is ready to sell