Order a Custom Knife

Order a custom handmade knife from Glen Brooks

What is a Custom Knife

Custom knives are knives that you order the way you want them. The whole idea behind a custom knife is that you choose every detail about it.

Perhaps you have had an idea for a knife for a long time. You have been looking for years, but have never seen one like it. Then you hear about custom knives.

Custom knives are made to your order, so your knife will be "as you like it." You choose from a wide selection of knives—hunting, fishing, folders, tactical (such as boot and survival), Bowie and kitchen cutlery. You might even be interested in a neck knife. These and other types of knives are available for you to choose from.

After you have chosen the type of knife you want, you determine the width, thickness, and length of the blade as well as the total length of the knife. You decide if you want the blade straight, drop-point, or with an upward sweep. You choose whether the blade is flat or hollow-ground.

When the blade is "as you like it," you pick from the various types of handle material. There are so many to choose from that it may be a hard decision. Custom knives, your knives, are beautiful with real wood handles. They are beautiful as well as water-resistant with linen or paper micarta. They are out of this world with horn or mastodon ivory. And there are many, many, more choices!

Custom knives are what I enjoy making. I would be happy to chat with you and make you the knife you’ve always dreamed about. Just contact me and your dream knife will become a reality.

If you have already looked in the gallery, like one of my designs, and are ready to order, go right into the ordering page and your special knife will become a reality.