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Wooden Sheath?

Wooden sheaths have been used for centuries as a way to carry swords, aexes, and large knives. Early versions of these sheaths were decorated with elaborate bronze fittings and some were also gilded with bronze.

The larger the blade, the larger the sheath. The larger the sheath, the more elaborate they tended to be as it was a highly visible part of the attire of the one wearing it. Many times more attention to detail and care was given to the sheath than the sword or knife that filled it! Many were decorated with beautiful carvings and some had inlaid jewels. These types of sheaths are still being made today.

Many people point out that wooden sheaths have problems with shrinking and swelling. These problems are not really a problem as wooden sheaths have a tradition of use from the coldest arctic to the hottest and wettest jungle weather.

People the world over make and use wooden sheaths. The Sami people of Northern Scandinavia vary their sheaths by making the part for the blade from wood and that for the handle of leather, thus covering and protecting the entire knife. Variety is the spice of wooden sheath making.

Wooden sheaths have many advantages:
  1. The knife blade cannot penetrate the wood
  2. The knife stays sharper
  3. They provide protection from accidents because they keep a knifeā€™s razor sharp edge safely enclosed
  4. They can be made so that the knife cannot come out by accident
  5. In most cases, they last longer than leather

My wooden sheaths are made using three pieces of wood, two to hold the knife and one for the spring that holds the knife in place. Except for special orders, the wood used for my sheaths is hemlock. Hemlock is a very light, very strong hard wood having very few knots. It is straight-grained and easy to work with.

Each wooden sheath is custom-made for the knife it is to hold. This ensures that the knife will not come out of the sheath except when you take it out. This is accomplished making a snug fit and by a spring that rests near the bolster area.

The sheath fastens to any belt by a leather loop that is securely fixed on the back. As an extra bonus, my sheaths are made either right-handed or left handed.

This wooden sheath is durable and makes for a safe-carry for your knife. No longer need you worry about losing your knife in the bush if hunting, or in the willows if fishing.

Let me custom-make your dream knife, kept safe in a wooden sheath, by ordering today.