Boot Knife

Boot Knife

The boot knife is a tactical knife. It is made from 1/8 inch ATS34 stainless steel. It sports a double-edged, hollow-ground, sharp blade, and has file-work on both sides of the handle. The handle is a combination of linen micarta and mastodon ivory.

The boot knive comes with a combination wood/leather sheath. The wooden part holds the knife securely in place with its spring action. The leather part allows you to put a velcro strap through it so that it can be worn inside your boot. It can also be worn on any belt.

This boot knife comes with a 3 1/2" blade, 6 1/2" over-all length, brass pins, tapered tang with file work on spine, mastodon ivory and black linen micarta scales.


Knife Options:

Knife can be ordered with or without custom file work.