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History of the Bowie Knife

James Bowie was born, according to some authorities, in 1796 in Logan Country, Kentucky, or in 1799 in Burke County, Georgia, according to others. He settled in the Mexican Province of Texas in 1828, becoming a naturalized Mexican citizen. He married the daughter of the governor of the province of Texas and established his family there.

Wooden Sheath?

Wooden sheaths have been used for centuries as a way to carry swords, aexes, and large knives. Early versions of these sheaths were decorated with elaborate bronze fittings and some were also gilded with bronze.

What is a Custom Knife

Custom knives are knives that you order the way you want them. The whole idea behind a custom knife is that you choose every detail about it.

Perhaps you have had an idea for a knife for a long time. You have been looking for years, but have never seen one like it. Then you hear about custom knives.